OBG Retractable Towel Reel






  • The NEW OBG Towel Reel is the convenient way
    to keep your bowls towel handy!
  •  No longer the need to hold onto your
    towel or keep bending down to pick it up!
  •  The Reel allows the towel to
    hang by your side while the retractable cord ensures it is to hand at
    all times!


  • The OBG Reel can either be hooked onto a belt loop or clipped onto a
    waistband, ideally on the opposite side to the bowling hand to prevent
    the towel interfering with delivery.
  •  The retractable cord enables the
    towel to be extended to approximately 60cm (24 inches).


  • The OBG Towel is connected to the OBG Reel by a 360 degree rotating
    clasp which swivels during use ensuring that the mechanism is always
  • The OBG Towel is one size: 32cm x 36cm and is completed with an
    embroidered OBG logo.
  •  Colour: Lime Green. Composition: 250 gqm
    Microfibre, 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

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