Drakes Pride Excel Crown Green Bowls Low Density



Drakes Pride Excel Bowls available in lacquered black only. Low density.

Bowls placed on back order can be up to 20 weeks for them to be back in Stock.



These low density polished bowls are larger than usual for the weight of the bowl. i.e. a 2lb 8oz low density bowl is the same size as a regular 2lb 10oz bowl. The low density material of this bowl together with the polished finish gives this bowl a similar feel and handling characteristics to the original Lignum Vitae wooden bowls. They also perform similarly to wooden bowls as the low density material also increases the length of run particularly on slow running greens. 2 full bias crown green bowls fitted with coloured mounts. Supplied in pairs. Available in Polished Black only. Note: Over a period of time the polish on these bowls will show signs of wear and as with the original wooden bowls it will be necessary to have the bowls repolished from time to time.

Available in Polished Black only.

Available in weights:
2lb 4oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz & 2lb 10oz

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