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Drakes Pride Deluxe Harlequin Crown Green Bowls High Density


Drakes Pride Deluxe Harlequin bowls available in various colours. High density.



2 full bias crown green bowls fitted with coloured mounts. Supplied in pairs. Available in Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Golden Yellow, Green, Pink & Purple.

Available in Hi-Density Model in weights:

2lb, 2lb 1oz, 2lb 2oz, 2lb 3oz, 2lb 4oz, 2lb 5oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 7oz, 2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 11oz, 2lb 12oz, 2lb 13oz & 2lb 14oz.

Note: All Harlequin bowls are specially made to order, please contact your local stockist for current production times.

Please be aware that like all bowls Harlequin bowls will scratch, however unlike black or brown bowls these scratches will show up more prominently. Such marks are normal for this type of material and will not detract from the continuing good performance of the bowls.

Please note these bowls can take up to 6 weeks to deliver.

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